Useful math. Speed of reaction

Client: Сlever publishing house

In this book, kids will have to solve fascinating ciphers for a while, answer questions about speed, count syllables in words, number balls from small to large, solve examples and laugh at children's jokes. And I was happy to illustrate all this!

Main character that provided childrens thru diffrent task is smart crow. I thought for a long time about which creature can fulfill this role and searched the Internet for information about the most intelligent animals and birds. And of course, it turned out that crows are the most intelligent birds. In addition, I was glad to be able to contrast my character with that negative image that is usually attributed to corvés in children's books. My crow is very smart, inquisitive and funny!

Then it was necessary to draw the authors of the book. And I love such tasks!
Women seemed to be eventually satisfied with their embodiment in the heroines of their own book.

This book is full of humor and various interesting stories that I should have illustrated.

In this picture, I tried using the Russian analogue of Pinocchio to depict the Russian idiom "He Lied with Three Boxes," which means he lied very much. Unfortunately in the final version of the book this illustration had to be changed, probably due to copyright infringement

While working on children's books you always learn a lot. For example, the fact that our beloved cute hedgehogs are carnivorous.

And of course, after completing all the tasks the child is awarded a certificate

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