Banu and the bird

Client: Yulbasma publishing

Picture book for children in Tatar and English languages, written by Liliya Iskhakova.
The book was published by Yulbasma publishing house in Kazan in 2020. This story is about the adventures of a little girl who unexpectedly met a new friend.
All illustrations in this book were made on Ipad Pro in the program Procreate.
So here are a few steps I usually use on a children's book.
I hope it will be interesting!

A very raw plan for the whole book, which is also called a storyboard

Working on main characters

Working out the space in the Banu house. All windows and doors should be in the right place!

Now it's time for the first sketches

The firs version of the illustration style. Then i changed brushes for more textures

Work on the "color script" of the entire book

And finally, drawing all the illustrations in color (with new digital brushes). Here is some process recodding by Procreate

Some part of illustrations

As you can see, I slightly changed the design of the bird. Now this is a very cute sparrow.

To add a little national flavor, I decided to draw plants so that they resembled Tatar patterns. And of course, this is a very dramatic moment in the book.

I wanted Banu to be more than just a nice little girl. She has a character. Sometimes she is evil and this is absolutely normal!

When almost all illustrations are ready, I begin to design the book cover

I decided to make 4 raw cover options for the publisher’s choice. As you can see, they chose number 2, so I started to work out this sketch in more detail

Then there were three versions of the background. We wanted our book to stand out on bookshelves

Some final spreads of the book

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Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

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